Conflict Facilitation Training

Many discussions around diversity issues are bound to have communication issues and potential for some form of conflict or misunderstanding. The Buddhists say that conflict is both an opportunity and a sign of danger. At StirFry Seminars, we call it a “dangerous opportunity”! In our experience, conflicts are often opportunities for growth and deeper understandings to take place. In this very dynamic and exciting seminar we will explore a myriad of techniques to more effectively mediate diversity conflicts and misunderstandings.

We will use Lee Mun Wah’s book The Art of Mindful Facilitation and various other communication techniques that will help to de-escalate a conflict within minutes. Through the use of role plays, personal stories, films, listening exercises, and ‘mindfully responding’ techniques, participants will learn facilitation and inquiry techniques normally reserved for intermediate/advanced trainers.

Participants will learn the following:

  • How to de-escalate a conflict with minutes
  • Observing the intent and impact inherent in all communications
  • The importance of a Conflict History Assessment
  • The Art of Listening & Responding
  • Ways to mindfully observe what is being said and what is not
  • Nine Healthy Ways to Communicate