Introductory Mindful Facilitation Workshop Part 1

In one of our most popular online trainings, Lee Mun Wah will demonstrate the myriad of ways that facilitation, when practiced using Mindful Techniques, can become a useful tool in helping therapists, educators, and counselors to become more culturally competent and skilled in developing and processing individual and group issues from a diversity and therapeutic lens, using filmed vignettes, role plays, diversity films, personal stories, and interactive exercises.

Some of the Mindfulness Techniques that you will learn are:

  • The Art of Intent & Impact
  • Advanced Interventions for Individual/Group Interactions
  • How to De-escalate Cultural Conflicts Within Seconds
  • 21 Ways to Stop a Diversity Conversation
  • How to Transform Anger into Compassion and Curiosity
  • Ways to Diminish Fear Through Curiosity & Self-Reflection
  • How to Create a Culturally Competent Community In Our Classrooms & Faculty
  • Ways to Develop Empathy & Trust Using a Diversity Lens
  • The Art of Noticing What Is Missing
  • How to Transform A Disconnection into A Reconnection