Let’s Get Real- Unlearning Racism & Internalized Racism

There is so much that is unsaid in this country about race issues. In this retreat we will explore a variety of ways to have this dialogue on race and racism that will lead to a more intimate and honest conversation and relationship with each other. This retreat is about confronting some of the issues that keep us all from talking to one another about race/racism. It is also about discovering new ways to begin that conversation, how to create a bridge to talk about our differences, exploring what opens us up and what closes us down, and finally, 101 ways to become Culturally Competent in our relationships and workplaces.

Before we can truly become a multicultural nation, we must have a relationship based on respect and understanding, reflection and curiosity; where our differences and our similarities are embraced, valued and integrated into the very fabric of our workplaces, communities, schools and governmental institutions. It also means coming to an understanding that awareness and holidays are just the beginning.

What is required is an on-going dialogue and relationship with each other. I hope that you will join us in making this not only a better world for our children, but for ourselves – not by starting tomorrow, but by beginning that conversation today.

Participants will learn:

  • 9 Healthy Ways to Communicate
  • 101 Ways to Become Culturally Competent
  • 21 Statements That Stop A Diversity Conversation
  • The Art of Listening & Responding Cross-Culturally