The Intersection of Mindful Facilitation & Group Process

So many times, much of our education as therapists has lacked adequate training from a diversity perspective and lens. Partly because therapists have received ‘awareness training’ but almost no ‘practical skills training’ in dealing with diversity-related issues or confrontations when working with groups from diverse populations.   In this training we will demonstrate the myriad of ways that facilitation, when practiced using Mindful Techniques, developed by Lee Mun Wah, can become a useful tool in helping counseling students, faculty and staff to become culturally competent and skilled in facilitating and processing individual and group issues from a diversity and therapeutic lens. 

Through the use of filmed vignettes, role plays and personal stories, participants will learn:

  • Mindful Listening and Responsive Techniques
  • The Art of Mindful Facilitation 
  • How to De-escalate a Conflict Within Seconds
  • Unveiling the Roots of Our Disconnections and How to Reconnect 
  • Noticing What Is Missing 
  • How to Create a Sense of Community & Belonging Amongst Diverse Groups
  • 21 Ways That Stop A Diversity Conversation
  • Advanced Empathetic Interventions