What is included in the package?

The basic one-page website package includes a complete one-page WordPress site built on your hosting (If you don’t have hosting, I can help you choose a service) with up to 10 “sections” for whatever information you want to present. We will consult about what elements are best for your business or venture, and what kind of look and feel you prefer. I will them choose a WordPress theme or template to customize and build a layout. You provide the copy (any text or headlines – i.e. “About Me” for your Bio section; Team names and titles for a Team Section, etc.) and any specific images you want to use. 

Does the price include hosting or a domain?

The basic package does not; the $2,500 package includes the site plus one year of hosting and maintenance/support for your new site on my SiteGround server. If you do not already have a domain registered, I can help you find and register an appropriate domain name.

What info do I have to provide to you?

To get started, I usually need the login info fo your hosting provider and possibly the registrar for your domain. Sometimes, I need access to your various social media or mailing list accounts; if, for example, you want to include an Instagram feed, or a Mailchimp sign-up form. 

I like to have as much information about you and your business as possible to create a look and feel for your site that reflects your values and approach. Once we decide what elements you want to include on the site, I’ll let you know what kind of content you’ll need to provide.

Do I have to write my own blurbs and headlines?

Not necessarily. I can help with creating basic promo copy if you provide an outline for what you want to say. With a one-page website, text is normally kept to minimum in favor of images or video to convey a sense of your service or offerings.

What about pictures?

Ideally, you will have large, high-quality images that are specific to you and your business. In the absence of these, I’m happy to find appropriate stock imagery from my sources of free stock to use on your site. You are welcome to provide your own stock images that you have purchased for use on the site. Please note that it is illegal and unethical to use images that you find on the internet unless you know that they are in the public domain.

What about other graphics?

I have available a good range of simple/basic icons for the site, though if you need specialized icons, you may need to purchase them from a stock agency. If you don’t have a logo, I can create a simple typographical logo for the site.

When do I pay for my new site?

We require 50% upfront once our basic contact is signed. The contract outlines the general terms of our agreement for building and launching the site. The second half of payment is due at the time the site launches.

Is a one-page site the best option for me?

For many small businesses, entrepreneurs, individual service providers, entertainers or artists, a one-page site is an ideal way for you to increase your coverage on the web, help potential clients find you, and create trust. A website with excellent SEO can help drive audiences to your social media presence if that is where you primarily connect. 

A one-page site may not be the best choice for a non-profit or larger business, since these types of ventures normally require more content than one page can comfortably display. E-commerce and membership functions require a much more involved framework than a one-page site can accommodate.

More Questions?

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