Services Offered

END-OF-LIFE DOULA services offered

Initial Consultations

  • 1/2 hour telephone conversation & first 90 min. visit to assess needs
  • No charge
  • In-person Planning and Resource Consultations
  • Meeting with patient and family/network to facilitate communication and explore options based on the patient’s values
  • (e.g. Advance Directives, creating a Vigil Plan, funeral options, etc)

Co-creating a Vigil Plan

  • Exploring with the patient guidelines for how they might want their surroundings to be during the final stages of dying process
  • Companion Care and Caregiver Relief/Support
  • Bedside presence for the patient; time away for family caregivers;
  • emotional/spiritual support for family/network

Life Review and Legacy Work

Processing with the patient and/or family the patient’s life; creating a project, writing letters, etc.

Bedside Vigil

  • Continuous bedside presence during the final stages of the dying process
  • Staying with the family following the death; subsequent visits with family/network

Support for Medical-Aid-in-Dying/Death with Dignity

  • Primary or supportive assistance when this end of life option has been arranged
    • Assist with preparing medications
    • Emotional support for participating family/friends


Inclusive Packages, Sets of Sessions/Visits, and A la Carte available that include:

  • Planning and Resource consultations, including Vigil Planning and Life Review/Legacy Work
  • Bedside vigil
  • Remain with the family to offer supportive presence
  • Up to 3 subsequent visits with the family/network

Contact me to discuss your needs and put together a personalized set of services.

My services are available regardless of a person’s financial situation.