I find there tends to be a slightly alarming negligence around the practice of WordPress website maintenance. It’s really just not true anymore that you can just set up a website and let it sit and take care of business for 5, 6, or 10 years. Standards and protocols — not to mention design trends — are continually changing. And especially with WordPress sites, core upgrades occur with great (and reassuring) regularity. The WordPress Community is made up of brilliant, creative, generous and tireless souls, always working to make WordPress better and more secure for all of us — users, developers, designers, customers!

So, it requires a bit of effort on the part of those of us who own or tend to these sites to keep them updated and properly  maintained, even if you are not (and why not?) changing your content or writing new blog posts every week or two. No site is 100% safe from hackers or malware or viruses, but proper maintenance can go a long way toward keeping your site more secure. And regular backups ensure that if anything happens (heaven forfend!) your site can be back up in no time, with your content in working order.

To be honest, there are tools  that make it fairly easy, even for a non-technical user, to keep the back end of a WordPress website in great shape, but, for some reason, learning and using these tools seems to fall to the bottom of everyone’s Things-To-Do list. So, I offer these services for clients and others who might otherwise worry about keeping their site safe. I’ve developed three plans with varying levels of maintenance. So choose your preference, and start feeling better about your website — one more thing off your plate!

WordPress Website Maintenance Plans & Services